The Power of True Bankability

We are the solar business of Schneider Electric. With our strong heritage in solar power conversion and best-in-class energy management expertise, our technology is powering photovoltaic systems all over the globe.

With a comprehensive portfolio of balance-of-system solutions for solar and energy storage, backed by a global service network, we are a bankable partner you can trust – for the long term.


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180 years of experience


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Local presence in more than 100 countries

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7GW connected to the grid since 2000

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Leading PV inverter supplier



PV Power Plants

Discover PV power plant solutions for centralized and decentralized architectures.

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Discover commercial solar power systems for centralized and decentralized grid-tie, self consumption, off grid solar, and back-up power.

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Discover residential solar power systems for grid tie solar, off grid solar, self-consumption, grid tie with backup, backup power, and rural electrification.

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Viable electricity supply alternative in New Zealand

Schneider Electric and Powerco collaborated for a portable all-in-one solar battery energy system to provide an alternative electricity supply for rural communities in New Zealand.

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A flexible and cost-effective battery storage solution for a high-end residential development in Australia

Schneider Electric and Ecoult collaborated to develop a flexible and cost-effective battery storage solution to provide grid support during peak demand periods to a high-end residential development in Australia.

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Providing power to an off-grid community in Kigbe, Nigeria

Schneider Electric and Havenhill Synergy collaborated to build a mini-grid in Kigbe providing continuous access to electricity, using a cutting-edge model of community level electrification with decentralized power generation.

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One Everton – A South African flagship for communal energy independence

Schneider Electric and AdSolar collaborated to build a unique solution giving energy independence and self-sustainability to a high end residential estate development in South Africa using community level centralized storage with decentralized power generation.

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Going off-grid instead of living at the edge of the grid

Thomson Solar and Schneider Electric partnered to create a solution by powering the community with a standalone off-grid system.

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