2016 off-grid training kicks off in Thailand

by | Feb 2, 2016 | In Your Community, Training and Events

In January, over a dozen distributors and system integrators gathered for a two-day off-grid workshop, focused on the Conext XW+ and Conext SW.

“There is a huge potential for solar off grid systems in Thailand, whether it is for self-consumption or rural electrification,” said Micko Lee, Sales Application Engineer, Commercial and Residential Line of Business. “Distributors and system integrators in Thailand are keen on learning more about which inverter/charger is right for them, understanding the function of each balance of system (BOS) component, and how to integrate single or three phase systems.”


The workshop delivered theory on day one, and covered topics such as Conext XW+ operating modes, multi-cluster guide, Xanbus network sizing guide, system settings, and more.


Equipped with technical foundation from the first session, attendees applied their knowledge through hands-on training on day two. It was a great way to supplement the knowledge they had gained, and further understand system configurations.


Stay tuned as we announce more training coming in 2016!

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