Insight – One Platform You Need for Energy Management

Insight is a powerful yet simple energy management platform and is a part of Schneider Electric’s residential and commercial solar & storage ecosystem. It provides intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and installers alike.

Turn your garage into a Smart Energy Hub

Secure power and optimize energy usage for self-consumption or time of use rates. Schneider Electric’s Solar and Storage solutions are ideal for grid-tied applications with backup power.


Ultimate backup power performance – XW Pro hybrid inverter/charger

The XW Pro is the evolution of Schneider Electric’s two decades of experience in highly reliable solar & storage systems for backup power, self-consumption, and off-grid applications.  

Download Installer Handbook

More than just product catalog, the installer handbook shares great features, tips for solar installations, Li-ion compatibility, and customer success stories.

The Power of True Bankability

We are the solar business of Schneider Electric. With our strong heritage in solar power conversion and best-in-class energy management expertise, our technology is powering photovoltaic systems all over the globe.

With a comprehensive portfolio of balance-of-system solutions for solar and energy storage, backed by a global service network, we are a bankable partner you can trust – for the long term.

Future-Ready for Your Smart Homes & Buildings

20+ Years of Experience

Long-Term Reliability

Schneider Electric’s Ecosystem of Products and Solutions


Commitment to The Future



Commercial & Industrial

A growing number of companies are turning to solar energy. Discover commercial & industrial solar power solutions.

Residential Solar and Storage

Discover residential solutions for grid tie with backup, self-consumption with storageoff-grid solar, and backup power.

HMB Solar – building energy resilience with reliable energy storage and monitoring solutions

Venezuela, the country with the world’s largest oil reserve, relies heavily on oil and hydropower to generate electricity. In recent years, residents, especially those in rural areas, have been experiencing unreliable grids. To overcome the issue, HMB installed a...

EM-ONE Powers Rural Clinics in Nigeria with Solar Microgrids

EM-ONE transforms aging power infrastructure in Africa into decentralized, decarbonized and digital energy systems, one solar microgrid at a time EM-ONE, a Canadian-Nigerian engineering, technology and consulting firm, delivers sustainable energy to West Africa. They...

Escuela Técnica de Electricidad educates next generation solar professionals in Puerto Rico

The Escuela Técnica de Electricidad (ETE) educates next-generation solar installers in Puerto Rico using Schneider Electric’s Conext series products.
Schneider Electric's solar products are used in Red Cross microgrid projects in Puerto Rico

Schneider Electric’s Solar Products Are Used in Red Cross’s Microgrid Projects in Puerto Rico

Written by Guest Blogger Sandra Herrera, Sales Application Engineer The continued recovery of Puerto Rico has moved from the short-term, which included delivering immediate assistance, to the long-term, which is the strategic planning that provides for local...

Powering a remote island with sustainable electricity

Schneider Electric Access to Energy (A2E), in collaboration with Techno-Hill Engineering, has won another flagship project in Myanmar where the objective is to provide efficient and sustainable electricity 24/7 for fishermen and farmers cultivating rubber trees in one...

Limpopo Farmhouse Off-grid Solar Project

Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa, sharing borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The area is known for its rich wildlife and scenic landscape including the baobab trees, which are found only in Limpopo in South Africa. The local parks are...

A blueprint for a brighter tomorrow

Lagos State Electricity Board, Nigeria By electrifying schools and medical clinics with clean, reliable, solar power, Microsoft and Schneider Electric are empowering life-changing solutions worldwide—and enlightening the future for millions. Schneider Electric's solar...

Viable electricity supply alternative in New Zealand

Powerco is New Zealand’s largest electricity distributor, in terms of network length, and committed to delivering reliable energy to their customers. For remote and rural customers Powerco commissioned The Downs Group and Control Box to supply a portable all-in-one...

A flexible and cost-effective battery storage solution for a high-end residential development in Australia

The Balmoral Residential Apartments (The Balmoral) is a $23 million development located in the exclusive suburb of Mosman, Sydney, Australia, with sweeping views of the famous Sydney Harbour. The Balmoral is comprised of a luxury penthouse, sub-penthouse and four...

Providing power to an off-grid community in Kigbe, Nigeria

Background Kigbe is a suburb located in the Kwali local government in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is situated 27km from the existing grid infrastructure. Prior to this project being commissioned, the residents of Kigbe did not have access to...

One Everton – A South African flagship for communal energy independence

At a time of rolling black-outs on the South African electricity grid, AdSolar was tasked with designing a power solution for 11 new homes in a luxury estate development in the Upper Highway area of Durban’s western suburbs. The goal was to provide power generation,...

Going off-grid instead of living at the edge of the grid

Living at the edge of the grid, a distant community in Western Australia experienced severe power quality and uptime issues. Bush fire, a natural disaster common in the area knocked down the poles and overhead lines, with a high cost for the local utility to restore...

Singapore raises the bar for sustainable living

In Singapore, 80% of the population resides in public property developments managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). The HDB recently awarded its largest solar leasing tender of 38 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) to date to Sunseap Group Pte Ltd. Under the tender,...

Nigeria’s blueprint for a brighter tomorrow

In 2014, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the state government of Lagos joined forces to bring forth an ambitious project, Lagos Solar, to power public institutions by means of solar PV systems. Under the DFID tender and Lagos Solar, hundreds...

Connecting and illuminating communities for the future

In rural and underserviced areas throughout Southern Africa, where there is no access to the grid, solar powered containerised systems have proved to be a turning point in community improvement and increasing quality of life. These modular systems include solar...

Schneider Electric brings electricity to 60 remote villages in Indonesia – powered 100% from solar and storage

The Indonesian government created the Rural Electrification Project to provide electricity by means of solar energy to villages throughout Indonesia. The objective of the project is to promote the economy of rural communities and improve the quality of life. By...

Romania’s most advanced entertainment and sports complex powered by solar and storage

When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005, tens of thousands took refuge in New Orleans’ sports stadium, then called Louisiana Superdome. The Superdome suffered extensive damages to its impressive structure, and power failed...

Virtual Power Plant: Solution to Utility Concerns on Integrating Distributed Residential Solar and Storage

Utilities globally face many of the same challenges; as societies push towards more sustainable infrastructures, a high percentage of these efforts rely on renewables for energy generation. The drivers for this trend are varied and can be societal, regulatory,...

Luxury Smart Home in Maui Goes Off-Grid

There is no denying that the cost of electricity in Hawaii is considerably higher than the rest of the US. With a heavy dependence on oil and the lack of a reliable centralized grid for backup throughout the islands, the average cost of residential electricity for the...

United Nations Climate Communications Centre – a model of sustainability

Buntoi is a remote village located in Central Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. It is one of the poorest areas in the country with almost 40% of inhabitants living in poverty. In addition, the organic wetlands of Central Kalimantan have been...


What’s New in Solar

Webinar: Schneider Electric’s XW Pro IEC

Webinar: Schneider Electric’s XW Pro IEC

We are pleased to invite you to the webinar, "Schneider Electric Solar's New XW Pro" where we will cover the following points: Conext XW Pro product review Lithium Ion batteries compatibility Conext XW Pro Architecture & Applications Compatible products from...

Are you serious about Storage?

Are you serious about Storage?

Building on Schneider Electric’s 20+ years of experience in solar and storage, this session will provide attendees knowledge on our latest battery backup solutions for new and retrofit grid-tied solar systems. With advancements in AC Coupling and Lithium...

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