Celebrating the launch of the Conext Core XC-NA

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Blog posts

Yesterday we celebrated the launch of our Conext Core XC-NA central inverter for North American PV (photovoltaic) power plants. It was a great event to celebrate the hard work that various teams contributed to the product. The event was led by Josephine Tsen, Product Manager for the Conext Core XC and XC-NA, along with Arnaud Cantin, VP of the Utility Scale Line of Business. Congratulations to the entire team!!


The Conext Core XC-NA is built on the proven XC platform, with over 4 gigawatts of combined capacity of large three-phase inverters sold worldwide by Schneider Electric. The XC-NA also seamlessly integrates with Schneider Electric’s new PV Skid solution. To learn more, watch our video below.

[youtube url=”//www.youtube.com/embed/lLirfagKba4″]

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