Schneider Electric Solar Energy Company Information

Schneider Electric delivers efficient solutions across the energy chain, enabling people to experience and transform efficiency together at home and work, across the grid, and in towns and cities.

  • Efficiency: Implementing the right services, systems, and technology to reduce energy consumption, cost per kWh, and operating expenditure
  • Intelligence: Accessing smart, real-time data and information that can be shared, optimized, and delivered across integrated systems through connected and open platforms, with the right level of information for each user
  • Sustainability: Coupling efficient solutions with actionable data to provide the capability for any user to optimize energy usage, curb CO2 emissions, and improve long-term ROI




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devoted to R&D representing almost 5% of our sales

Schneider Electric in Solar

As an industry leader, the Solar Business of Schneider Electric is focused on designing and developing products and solutions for the solar power conversion chain and providing best-in-class global customer services and technical support.

As the solar market goes through a rapid wave of consolidations, Schneider Electric is one of the very few companies that can offer assurance that spare parts, service and technical support will be continually available over the 20+ year life of a solar installation.

Schneider Electric is a bankable partner you can trust for providing superior reliable designs, neatly integrated solution packages and excellent long term technical support worldwide.


Why Partner with Schneider Electric?

  • We offer you true bankability for all projects, no matter the size
  • Experience and technology you can depend on. We’ve been in business for over 180 years with worldwide leadership in power conversion and electric distribution technologies
  • Complete photovoltaic solutions for any size installation from a single supplier
  • Global service and support infrastructure with local presence in over 100 countries
  • Products are designed and built to the highest standards and are engineered specifically to meet demanding requirements of your installation