Bankability in the Solar Power Market

In today’s rapidly evolving solar market, suppliers come and go, so customers need to seek solid partners for their solar installation, and especially for the most critical equipment like the electrical conversion chain.

A solid partner, financially and technically. A partner that will be around for the long term.

Schneider Electric brings true bankability to Solar

Schneider Electric’s strong balance sheet and scale mean that you can rely on our financial strength, our worldwide support, our industry-leading experience and our reliable products and solutions for any solar installation:

  • Over 180 years of cumulated experience in Energy
  • Global services & support
  • Full portfolio MV/ transformers/ LV:
    • Solar & Energy Storage
    • Utility-Scale, Commercial & Residential
    • Grid tied, off grid & microgrid solutions
    • Monitoring, control & advanced analytics
    • Balance of system
  • IoT ready for maximum availability of arrays


Bankability, Connectivity, Service and Support