Quality & Reliable Solar Power Systems


  • High ROI: solar inverters and electrical BOS are the heart of your PV installation and also, the most sophisticated part of the overall solar solution. As can be seen from the experience of a leading developer, 60% of the energy loss stems from the issues related to inverters and electrical balance of system. Upfront rigor in choosing the reliable inverter and balance of system supplier goes a long way in improving the return on investment on solar projects.

Source: SunEdison (1): Planned outages, Weather, meter, other external

  • Choosing a long term partner: solar is still a young industry with a weighted average life of PV installations worldwide below three years. It is also an industry which is going through intense cost competitive pressure, some dwindling markets and internationalization. It could be tempting for some suppliers to have a short-term horizon and lessen their specifications on quality of design, testing, manufacturing, supplier qualification, insufficient rigor in quality can threaten the long-term reliability of the solutions and put customer’s investment at risk.

Source: IHS

  • Harsh environmental application: as solar is globalizing, projects are being done all over the globe, in many harsh environments and in remote locations which further raises the need for project developers to demand “true” reliability.


Reliability is at the core of Schneider Electric’s offering to its customer

At Schneider Electric, we provide our customers with robust long term and highly reliable solutions, understanding the special care needed in the PV industry.

 Built-in reliability through: