Conext Gateway Firmware Upgrade: Now Compatible with String Inverters

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We have exciting news! Our latest ConextTM Gateway firmware is now compatible with ConextTM CL-60 and ConextTM CL36 string inverters! It also supports a range of Schneider Electric Modbus power meters and multi-unit and multi-cluster XW support.

In January 2019, Schneider Electric launched the ConextTM Gateway to replace the ConextTM Combox for monitoring, configuration and control of Schneider Electric solar products in residential and small commercial applications. Since the initial release, the development team has continued to add features to the product and in Version 1.03 and 1.04 the product introduces a range of new features for residential and small commercial applications:

  • PV Inverter Monitoring:  Conext CL25,CL36 and CL-60
  • Support for AC Coupling of CL25/CL36 inverters
  • Multi-cluster system with CL25/CL36 inverters
  • Supports Schneider Electric PM3255 power meter
  • Supports Schneider Electric PM8xx series power meters
  • Improvements to settings management for XW Pro Grid Codes (Rule 21 – USA).

The Conext Gateway can now be used to monitor multi-unit and multi-cluster XW+ systems which are AC or DC coupled with the Schneider Electric MPPT60, MPPT80 or CL PV inverters.

Screenshot of AC coupled multi-unit system on the Conext Gateway user interface

Screenshot of AC coupled multi-unit system on the Conext Gateway user interface

Over the coming months, we will be adding more exciting features to our ConextTM Gateway and will be publishing these regularly on our website.

ConextTM Gateway customers also have access to ConextTM Insight 2, our cloud-based monitoring platform that allows you to track your system performance locally and remotely. It also allows system integrators to manage a portfolio of customer sites.

Download the firmware at For more information about the upgrades, you can read release notes here.

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