Conext Solar Mobile App Now Available!

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You heard it right! We’ve launched our Conext™ Solar mobile app to monitor your residential solar and storage systems. Conext™ Solar allows you to track your ConextTM Gateway sites from your Android and iOS mobile devices.


Get Snapshot of Your System

The Dashboard provides a snapshot or system overview of your system performance through an interactive power-flow diagram. In the clean and straightforward diagram, you can see:

  • How much energy your solar system is producing
  • How much energy your load is consuming
  • If your system is charging or discharging the battery
  • If your system is selling to or buying from the grid

Click on the solar, battery or load icon to see more information on solar production, battery bank or load consumption.



View History

The History screen provides graphs of daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime data for solar production, grid export, grid consumption, load, battery charge, and battery discharge. It’s an excellent place to monitor and manage your system’s energy production and consumption.



Stay on Top of Your System Events

Whenever an event takes place on your system, ConextTM Solar will send you alerts so that you can stay on top of your installation.



ConextTM Solar is available for customers with ConextTM Insight 2 accounts with connected Conext™ Gateway sites. If you’re already using the Gateway and Insight 2, you can use Conext™ Solar.

Download ConextTM Solar on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once installed the app, please log in with your ConextTM Insight 2 username and password. We hope you’ll enjoy ConextTM Solar!

Download Conext Solar mobile app on the App Store Get Conext Solar mobile app on Google Play


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