Conext XW+ Training in Australia

by | Oct 27, 2014 | Blog posts, Training and Events

SolarQuip, a solar training, design, and installation company based out of Australia recently held a training session, led by Glen Morris (founder of SolarQuip), on Schneider Electric off-grid products, including the new Conext XW+. Students who took part in the training were impressed with the solutions offered by Schneider Electric.


For one, they were particularly impressed with the ease of setting up communications between devices. The students also felt that the Conext Combox remote monitoring, which can be accessed via an Android app or through a web browser, made for easy monitoring by the customer, and installer. Additionally, the features of the Conext XW+ and it’s 8.5kW 30 min. rating was seen as perfect for the domestic off-grid market in Australia.

Glen Morris, who conducted the training session shared with us that the documentation was provided at the right levels, with the Quick Start Guide providing enough information and including plenty of pictures, while the Owner’s Manual offered more details. He also mentioned how one student was particularly impressed by the cardboard packaging – no polystyrene to dispose of at the end of the job!

We love hearing feedback from training! We also held a training session last week in Las Vegas prior to Solar Power International (SPI), and are currently conducting training in Hawaii this week. Stay tuned for some updates from those sessions!