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by | Nov 20, 2015 | Blog posts, Case Studies

In rural and underserviced areas throughout Southern Africa, where there is no access to the grid, solar powered containerised systems have proved to be a turning point in community improvement and increasing quality of life. These modular systems include solar schools, medical and dental clinics, and mobile police stations.


Top left to right: Exterior view of a solar powered containerised school; interior view of a solar school with adult education taking place
Bottom left to right: Classroom education taking place inside a large solar school; Conext XW+ system fully integrated within Telenetix’s containerised solution

The modular infrastructure of these systems are based upon shipping containers, and they are engineered into impressive community spaces that provide electricity and immediate access to technology. The impact of bringing containerised systems into local communities is tremendous. It acts as an enabler of positive social change such as community safety, providing comfortable learning environments, and convenience to local services.

Twenty five solar schools have already been deployed, and twenty one mobile police stations are expected to be deployed by the end of 2016.

Read our full case study to learn more about this project, and how Schneider Electric’s Conext XW+ off-grid DC-coupled system is fully integrated within Telenetix’s highly sophisticated containerised systems.

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