Don’t Miss Our Training Sessions at altE Solar Installer Conference!

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We’re thrilled to join altE Solar Installer Conference Feb 24-26, 2020, at Devens Common Center in Massachusetts! During the conference, Eric Bentsen, our sales application engineer, will host two technical training sessions on AC coupling vs. DC coupling and solar monitoring. The training attendees will be eligible to obtain NABCEP’s continuing education credits.

Conext™ XW Pro AC vs. DC coupling

When it comes to residential solar, one size does not fit all. Learn how the versatility and reliability of Conext™ XW Pro can help you grow your business and lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. We will explore the expanded feature set of our Rule21 compliant XW Pro and provide design considerations that will enhance the knowledge of the exceptional installer.

Course content:
Differentiating AC coupling and DC coupling and under what conditions would one be preferable over the other. Other topics include Enhanced Grid mode, frequency shift algorithm, and curtailment, battery selection and system sizing, multi-unit configuration, SOC control functions, and compliance with NEC 690.11 and 690.12 arc fault/rapid shutdown requirements.

Conext™ Gateway & Conext Insight 2

Take solar monitoring to the next level with our new Gateway and Insight 2. This monitoring platform provides features that our customers have been eagerly awaiting, including WiFi communications and access to Conext device settings through the cloud. This session will equip installers to make informed decisions about product selection and why it pays to “keep it all Schneider Electric.”

Course content:
Benefits of remote command and control. Configuring separate Xanbus systems with a single Gateway. Differences between WiFi AP and Station mode. Site creation and setup. Interpreting energy logs and battery summary graphs. Performing firmware upgrades. Setting up Fault/Warnings notifications. Introduction of the mobile app.

Visit the altE Solar Installer Conference website to register. Hope to see you there!

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