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In several countries such as Australia and Spain, residential homeowners are either not allowed or not incentivized to export excess PV energy generated from their rooftop grid-tie PV installations back to the grid. The new “Zero Export Support” feature of Conext ComBox will enable homeowners to still benefit from the self-consumption of PV energy generated from their rooftop installations while ensuring that the excess PV energy generated, if any, will be curtailed to avoid any export to the grid.

Conext ComBox firmware: Version: 03.01 Build 746 is now available

The new firmware release for Conext ComBox has been upgraded with zero export support along with extended fault reporting. The Conext ComBox is now compatible with even more energy meters and multiple BMS/SCADA systems. Here are some of the new major features:

Support for multiple Modbus TCP clients
Conext ComBox can now support up to ten Modbus TCP clients simultaneously. This feature allows multiple systems (e.g. BMS and SCADA) to query the ComBox simultaneously for information on performance of the installation.

Compatibility with more energy meters
In addition to the PM8xx series, you now have the flexibility to choose any one of the EM35xx, iEM32xx and PM5xxx series of meters from Schneider Electric to measure your system’s performance.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.05.31 PM

In addition, this firmware release brings new upgrades for Conext RL system owners. The new Zero Export Support feature is designed to work in installations using a single Conext RL inverter in either of two applications:

1) Residential grid-tie and
2) Residential grid-tie with AC coupling using Conext XW+

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.05.01 PM

Ground fault reporting for the Conext RL is now available
To comply with regulations in Australia, now you can configure your Conext ComBox to initiate an alarm when a ground fault occurs on your inverter. Conext ComBox supports two mechanisms to initiate an alarm:

– send an e-mail notification every 30/60/72 minutes until the ground fault is cleared
– activate the dry contact relay on ComBox when ground fault occurs

Visit the Conext ComBox product page to download this release.

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