Energy Storage Training at SPI 2019

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Blog posts, Training and Events

Thank you very much, everyone who joined our Energy Storage Training at SPI, hosted by Blue Planet Energy and Schneider Electric! We do hope you had a great learning experience.

The training covered some of our latest products including our latest inverter, the Conext™ XW Pro that is compliant with California Rule 21 and UL 1741 SA, as well as our new MPPT Disconnect RS that allows the MPPT 60 150 and MPPT 80 600 Charge Controllers to comply with NEC 2017 690.11, 690.12, and 690.15.

Hybrid PV + Storage and rapid shutdown PV solutions (NEC 2017) continue to be trending topics. Many installers have been looking for easier and more cost-effective solutions to comply with NEC 2017 rapid shutdown requirements with storage inverters and solar charge controllers. The MPPT Disconnect RS provides an easy to install solution for rapid shutdown PV arrays, certified with Tigo TS4-F (Fire Safety). You can learn more about this product launch in our recent press release.

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