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We offer two training sessions for solar installers at the upcoming 2020 NABCEP CE Conference. Join Sandra Herrera and Jason Andrade to learn about NEC 2017 compliance for hybrid solar and storage systems and high-reliability battery backup for residential systems. The training attendees will be eligible to obtain NABCEP’s continuing education credits.

NEC 2017 for Hybrid Systems & Charge Controllers

When: Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 9:00am-10:30am
Where: Jr. Ballroom C

This session targets PV Installers and designers who would like to learn about NEC 2017 compliance using Schneider Electric’s hybrid solar and storage systems. Participants will learn about easy and flexible rapid shutdown solutions, as well as code compliant system designs in various applications:

  • DC Coupled systems using solar charge controllers and the new MPPT Disconnect RS
  • AC coupled PV systems with storage
  • Grid tied and off-grid systems with Conext™ XW Pro or Conext™ SW storage inverters
  • New or retrofit solar & storage installations
  • IEEE 2030.5 compliance

High Reliability Battery Backup for Residential Systems

When: Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 11:00am-12:30pm
Where: Jr. Ballroom D

This session is for PV installers and designers to learn about Schneider Electric’s latest battery backup solutions for new and retrofit grid tied solar systems. Building on Schneider Electric’s decade of experience in grid tied and off-grid PV + storage systems, this session will provide training on Schneider Electric’s latest products, the XW Pro, Conext™ Insight 2, as well as new compatibility for Li-ion batteries and AC coupled PV inverters. The session will include a discussion on challenges faced in backup power operation, and how Schneider Electric products and design recommendations can help homeowners count on energy availability when they need it most.


Visit the NABCEP 2020 CE Conference website to register. Hope we’ll see you there!

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