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Ameresco and Schneider Electric Solar Business invite you to the live workshops on energy storage systems.

Ameresco, a leading energy solutions technology integrator, and Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation are working together to address the new energy storage requirements and show you how to offer the best code compliant storage solutions available on the market today. Please click here to register for one of the workshops.

  • Sacramento, CA – Friday, June 21, 2019, 9 am to 2 pm (30-minute lunch)
  • San Diego, CA – Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 9 am to 2 pm (30-minute lunch)

* Lunch will be served for each day. 

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Course features:

ConextTM Insight 2

ConextTM Insight 2 is a cloud-based platform for end users and installers to remain connected to and manage a portfolio of customer sites. It is a simple tool for users to track their system performance locally and remotely.

ConextTM Quick Fit

ConextTM Quick Fit is Schneider Electric’s factory pre-wired solution for grid-interactive, storage, backup and off-grid solar applications. Save installation time and cost with ConextTM Quick Fit. Just mount on the wall with an included bracket and you’re ready to go!

ConextTM XW Pro

The new ConextTM XW Pro 6.8kW hybrid inverter/charger is compliant with Rule 21 and UL 1741 SA. It is a future-ready solution that is designed to adapt to next-generation grid requirements.

Discover AES LiFePO4 Batteries

In addition to having the highest current handling capability of any advanced solar battery on the market, Discover’s AES platform is the only battery available with direct Xanbus communications for seamless integration with Schneider Electric’s market leading power electronics. Discover’s closed-loop, LYNK communications over Xanbus allows for dynamic interaction between battery, inverter and charge sources.

Dynamic Performance Realized.

  • Real-time optimization of the charge rate 
  • Up to 25% faster recharge from 0% to 100% SoC 
  • Internal BMS plug-and-play configuration with Schneider’s hybrid Xanbus devices.
  • BMS reports SoC, kWh in and out, fault and warning logs and battery status over Xanbus in real time all available over Schneider Electric’s Conext Insight 2 portal. 


And if you’re an installer based in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico, don’t forget to register yourself for better technical support. Register today!

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