Limpopo Farmhouse Off-grid Solar Project

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Blog posts, Case Studies, Case Study Slider

Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa, sharing borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The area is known for its rich wildlife and scenic landscape including the baobab trees, which are found only in Limpopo in South Africa. The local parks are famous for wild animals such as elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros, leopards, cheetahs, monkeys, and countless others.


This farmhouse is located in an isolated rural area of Limpopo. Because of the remote location, securing affordable and reliable electricity for their farmhouse was a challenge. The farmhouse owner turned to the solar system to power up the new development on their farm. Given the remote nature of the site, the cost of a solar system was significantly lower than the cost of running utility cable to the site.


In 2017, centralgarage installed a solar system with batteries to power the newly-developed farmhouse. Using Schneider Electric’s Off-Grid Solar with Storage solution including equipment such as 3 Conext™ CL string inverters, 12 Conext™ XW+ hybrid inverters, 6 Conext™ MPPT 60 150 charge controllers and 9 Conext™ MPPT 80 600 charge controllers, along with 216 batteries and 20,000 Ah battery bank, this solar system provides electricity for the entire farmhouse 24/7.


See the below video for more information.

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