White Paper: Seven Steps to Designing an Optimal Battery-Based Solution to Reduce Diesel Cost of Telecom Towers

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Telecom towers located in regions where the grid is unreliable or nonexistent have long relied on diesel generators as a source of power. But diesel generators run at a lower efficiency level, have become more costly to operate, and produce high CO2 emissions. A battery-based solution—including solar power options—can reduce operating expenses by >35%.

This paper outlines a systematic 7-step approach for designing and implementing an optimal battery-based solution for telecom tower sites.

In addition, this paper will cover:

check charge-discharge cycling (CDC) approach and solar integration approach
check understanding the installation space of an indoor BTS or outdoor BTS
check different types of solar charge controllers and grounding considerations: non-isolated buck converters and isolated buck converters
check a checklist of criteria to help you determine energy requirements and selecting best-in-class equipment
check and more

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