Luxury Smart Home in Maui Goes Off-Grid

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There is no denying that the cost of electricity in Hawaii is considerably higher than the rest of the US. With a heavy dependence on oil and the lack of a reliable centralized grid for backup throughout the islands, the average cost of residential electricity for the island of Maui in 2013 was 37.82 cents per kWh. Homeowners share the common pain of demanding costs on top of an unsettling reliance to the local utility grid. However, one luxury homeowner in Maui had demands of his own—achieve complete grid independence and gain confident access to clean quality power. This has been a demand to a solution shared only by those who realize this opportunity, but it is no longer a dream of the future to be energy independent and to be their own energy producer on the Hawaiian Islands.

To address this need, Ameresco Solar and Maui Builders Inc collaborated to bring together a robust and extensive hybrid system for their client. Being an impressive estate equipped with the latest smart home technologies, the hybrid system needed to be a beast of its own. It must seamlessly power large loads on a daily basis that would otherwise be sensitive to fluctuating power quality from the grid.

DSC06892_sm Pepe PV Array 1_sm

Schneider Electric is proud that our Conext XW inverters, MPPT 80 solar charge controllers, Conext ComBox monitoring system, Conext System Control Panels (SCP), and Conext AGS were chosen for this project to deliver superior and stable power for this Maui homeowner’s new off-grid lifestyle.

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