Firmware Upgrades Available Now: Conext ComBox and Conext RL

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Here’s what’s new and available for download now!

1. Conext ComBox – Added custom data logging capability and support for Conext SW and AGS upgrades

Conext ComBox new firmware (Version: 03.00 Build 707) is available now. You can download the new firmware in the “Download” section of the Conext ComBox product page. Apart from many enhancements for a better user experience, below are the major new features added in this release:

          A. Support for new features in Conext SW (Version 3.01): Conext ComBox now supports the new configuration settings of Conext SW, as well as a display of all new warnings and faults added as part of the Conext SW upgrade. Refer to our blog post on the new features of the Conext SW to learn more.

Visit: Conext SW-NA | Conext SW.

          B. Custom data logging on Modbus device parameters: Currently, you could only set-up custom data logging of devices while connected on the Xanbus network. Now, you can also set-up on-demand custom data logging into the SD card of Modbus devices e.g. energy meters, Conext RL inverters etc. With the availability of higher resolution and on-demand data, this gives you greater ability to monitor and troubleshoot the system.

         C. Support for AGS auto start/stop configuration based on battery SOC: Now you can use Conext ComBox to select the AGS SOC trigger for generator auto start/stop based on battery state of charge.

2. Conext RL – New ‘Microgrid’ settings for AC coupled applications

New firmware (V0270) for the Conext RL as well as the Config Tool (V3.4) is available now in the “Download” section. Major enhancements in this release is to support the functionality of the Conext RL, to be easily used in AC coupling applications along with our battery based inverter/chargers e.g. Conext XW+.

Under the “Control” section in the Config. Tool, you will find a new “Microgrid-Enable/Disable” setting that allows easy configuration of the Conext RL for AC coupling.

To learn more about various solutions that you can design with Conext RL in AC coupled mode, visit the Residential Solutions page on our website.

About the Author: Lovepreet Dhunna