New firmware available now: Conext SW 2524 230V and SW 4024 230V

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Version 3.01 for the Conext SW 2524 230V and SW 4024 230V is now available for download! With this firmware update, the Conext SW is fully equipped to help you reduce grid dependence, reduce your peak utility electricity charges, along with the newly added Battery Monitor support to help you improve the overall performance of your system. See below for a full list of newly added features.

Please note, new firmware for the Conext SW 2524 120/240V and SW 4024 120/240V will be coming soon.

What are the changes and new features in Version 3.01?

  • AC Coupling
  • Grid Support (Self Consumption)
  • Enhanced Grid Support (MPPT interactive)
  • Grid Support based on state-of-charge (SOC)
  • Peak Load Shaving (Gen Support with no AGS)
  • Peak Load Shave 2 hour delay
  • Battery Monitor Support
  • Lion Battery Support with BMS communication and CV/CC charge mode
  • Smart Charge
  • No Load Voltage De-rating (Output Voltage varies linearly with load)

For a comprehensive overview of these new features, please download the Conext SW addendum, available in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, found under the User Documentation section.

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