Off-Grid System in Puerto Rico Survives Hurricane Maria

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Blog posts, Case Studies

Raymond and Nydia Rassi built their beautiful off-grid home in an old coffee plantation on the hills of Lares, Puerto Rico. Four years ago, and after running on a backup generator as their only power source, they decided to install a solar system. After a great deal of research, they selected the Schneider Electric Conext SW 4024, MPPT60 150 with 1800 watt array, and a 400 A-H (9,600 W-h) battery bank.


In September, 2017, hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, devastating the island and destroying the power grid. Mr. Rassi was at home during the storm, and described agonizing hours spent wondering if the home would survive, with water rushing inside between the walls, due to the pressure differential created by the hurricane.

After the hurricane, Mr. Rassi surveyed his property to discover downed trees and landslides, but amazingly, his solar system was still on the roof, and the inverter was fully operational.

Mrs. Rassi told me that after the event they were one of the few homes in the community with power and would allow neighbors to visit and do laundry during the morning, when solar production was abundant

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