Off grid team building in full throttle. See pictures from indoor go karting

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Here at Schneider Electric’s Solar Business, we know when to let our hair loose and enjoy some friendly competition! As we wrapped up a final milestone for the release of our new Conext XW+, the off grid teams at our Burnaby headquarters celebrated with an afternoon of go karting. We had a mix of first-time and seasoned (we’re talking weekend races and ice racing) drivers from our engineering and commercial teams, and once the lights flashed green, the heat was on.

Race mode is officially on:


The race starts to speed up:


Time for a switch! The faster you help your partner make the switch, the more time to score more laps:
IMG_3147 IMG_3229

Racers patiently waiting for the beginning of the second race:


There’s no room for second place:


It was a high energy team building event and a celebration to remember. Lets give a round of high fives for our hard working off grid teams! We look forward to sharing more stories from inside Schneider Electric’s Solar Business!

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