CL30/50 Australia

The ideal solar power solution for commercial buildings 

The CL 30/33/50 are the ideal solar solution for commercial and industrial buildings, carports and AC coupled systems. Scalable and flexible PV architecture together with Schneider Electric’s broad range of low voltage products makes CL range the ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings.


Part number

  • CL30 – PVSCL30E
  • CL33 – PVSCL33E
  • CL50 – PVSCL50E


Why Choose CL 30/33/50 String Inverter

Optimum System Performance
  • Input for 3 MPPTs for the CL 30/33 and 5 MPPTs for CL 50
  • 5% Peak Efficiency
  • DC/AC ratio up to 3
  • Integrated DC fuses and DC/AC surge protection


  • Compatible with Gateway and InsightCloud for easier remote asset management and troubleshooting.

Ease to install

  • Low weight to allow for easy installation
  • Broad range of Schneider Electric LV products for a complete solution
  • AC coupling compatible with Schneider Electric storage products


Data Sheet
DS20200809 - CL 30-33-50Download 
CL 33_CL 50_IEC61683_IEC60068_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_IEC61727_62116_61000-3-11_-12_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_IEC62109-1_-2_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_South Africa NRS 097-2-1_Co-Certificate_COCPVP0503620BDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_VDE4105_VDE0124_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 55_DUBAI_DEWA_ENG_U20-0596_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 55_ITALY_CEI 0-16_ENG_U20-0595(1)_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 55_ITALY_CEI 0-21_ENG_U20-0594_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_EN50530_CertificateDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_EN50549-1_Certificate_D 701262008501-00CERTDownload 
CL 33_CL 50_France_UTEC_VDE0126_Certificate_D 701262008502-00CERTDownload 
Solar Installer Handbook_AustraliaDownload 
Solar Installer Handbook_IECDownload