Conext Advisor 2

Cloud-connected monitoring and control for renewable power plants

Introducing Conext™ Advisor 2, secure, cloud-connected monitoring and control for PV power plants accessible on computers, mobile devices, even smartphones. Conext Advisor 2 is a web portal with an efficient, task-oriented interface for managing and optimizing the performance of solar power plants.


Why choose Conext Advisor 2


• Choose the specific options you need; define the system settings and task-oriented screens for each
user group, and create your own dashboards


• For an unlimited number of PV power plants from 1 MW


• Secure, cloud-based access, enables real-time monitoring and control, metrics and forecasting—anywhere,
anytime, on computers and mobile devices


• Data analytics, based on a global database of PV power plants, enable predictive maintenance and guidance
• Connectivity to solar-industry weather and irradiance forecasting allows predictive power-generation schedules

Reliable and secure

• The most stringent cybersecurity standards
• Reliability of the Industrial Internet of Things provides high performance and a robust, scalable architecture with
redundant servers and disaster recovery systems

Lower startup costs

• Conext Advisor 2 software is software as a service (SaaS) offering, so your cost is based on your usage. This
significantly reduces the initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) and shifts the software investment to a limited operating
expense (OPEX)
• You only pay for the features you need and use
• Flexibility to add or remove features over system life, as the needs of your business evolves

Lower service, maintenance and administration costs

• With remote monitoring and control, power plants require less service and maintenance staff
• Most service can be accomplished remotely, and on-site service is limited to hardware issues
• System upgrades are downloaded remotely, and simultaneously to all sites, saving on service costs
while ensuring system-wide software coordination



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