Conext Advisor 2

Cloud-based control and monitoring system for PV plants

ConextTM Advisor 2 is a web portal with an efficient, task-oriented interface for managing and optimizing the performance of solar power plants, and includes a complete suite of tools for professional users.

It is the right balance between on-site infrastructure, that makes the site autonomous in managing the energy with Grid support function, and a powerful web portal leveraging the cloud advantages and advanced technologies.

It is accessible from anywhere in the world using a secure internet connection to the web portal.

ConextTM Advisor 2 is a hypervisor that may be used with third-party major equipment brands but delivers additional benefits when used with Schneider PV EcoSystem. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will enable to keep an eye on the plant efficiency.

ConextTM Advisor 2 is an advanced PV monitoring and control web portal to help you make the most of your solar investment. This complete online platform helps you maximize energy production efficiency, brings you smart solutions to your daily operations and it will be your best companion to avoid downtime.

It features a complete suite of tools for professional users including:

  • Advanced security to protect your assets
  • Situation awareness of your power plant operations
  • A fully adjustable and scalable platform to meet your specific power plants design and size
  • 24/7 connectivity to bring intelligence to the control room


Main features

Maximize energy production efficiently

• Identification of underperforming PV plant and equipment

• Performance analysis using advanced solar Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

• Production forecast

• Reporting and data extraction


Bring smart solutions to your daily operations

• Intuitive and user-friendly interface

• Real time PV plant operation and control

• Utility grid management

• Customized dashboard


Avoid downtime

• Receive alerts / notifications,through both email and web portal

• Troubleshooting and root cause analysis



Cloud technology benefits

• Latest innovative and secured technology at your fingertips

• Ensuring cybersecurity of the whole system

• Ensuring availability of cloud application

• Reduce on-premise hardware expenses throughout the entire project life

• Ensuring consistency, integrity and availability of over 20 years of data, through data storage management.



Why choose ConextTMAdvisor

Adjustable and Scalable

• A fully adjustable and scalable platform to meet specific power plants design and size


• Situational awareness of the power plant operations


• 24/7 to bring intelligence in the control room

Cyber Secured

• Advanced security to protect the assets




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