C Series PWM Charge Controller for Battery

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PV charge, diversion and load controller

The C35 and C60 are field configurable for 12 V and 24 V operation. The C40 may be configured for 12 V, 24 V, or 48 V operation. C35, C40 and C60 charge controllers can be used as a charge, diversion, or load controller and come with a standard multi-color charge status LED face plate.


Why choose C Series PWM Charge Controller

Higher return on investment

• Improve battery life with pulse width modulated (PWM) multi-stage temperature compensated charging
• Two-year standard warranty


• PV charge, diversion, load controller
• Available remote display with cumulative AMP hours

Easy to service

• Electronic protection against short-circuit, overload, and over-temperature conditions
• Tolerance to hostile environments with conformal-coated boards and powder-coated enclosure

Easy to install

• Field adjustable voltage and battery set point
• Automatically disconnects from the battery at night
• Compatible with negative ground and ungrounded systems