Conext Control

This product is discontinued. For technical support, please visit here.

Your solution for control and solar monitoring of large commercial rooftops and PV power plants

Conext™ Control is a solution that integrates control, solar monitoring, and performance management features and is designed to operate any site efficiently, providing the means to make prompt decisions and react accordingly. It can easily be adapted to your required level of service, from maintenance contracts with a simplified monitoring system, to performance contracts with a fast and comprehensive system covering the entire life cycle of your installation.

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Why choose Conext Control

Higher return on investment

  • CAPEX and feature level adapted to any need
  • Minimizes OPEX through real time supervision and advanced diagnostics
  • Asset performance tracking tools enabling enhancement of energy harvest
  • Contributes to extend equipment life duration

Designed for reliability

  • Robust hardware design through rigorous Custom Reliability Testing
  • Software application validated through extensive qualification testing


  • Various features levels (Advanced HD, Advanced, Initial) to meet any customer requirements
  • Modular hardware and software based on standardized bricks
  • Complete multi-site solution including data acquisition, remote control, grid interaction management, supervision, data storage and analysis
  • Wide selection of devices for easy and speedy site implementation

Easy to service

  • Embedded Conext Control self diagnostics tool
  • Smart alarming management based on plant-wide time synchronization
  • Hardware and software components shared with several Schneider Electric global business

Easy to install

  • Based on tested and validated monitoring and control system architectures, removing needs for customization
  • System configuration tool enables fast and error-free site configuration and implementation


Data Sheet
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