Conext Core XC-NA ES

The ConextTM Core XC-NA ES is a series of central inverters designed for advanced battery-based energy storage applications. With peak efficiencies of 98.6%, its flexibility allows the inverter to be configured with voltage and power outputs up to 680 kVA. The series has been designed for integration into a battery-based energy storage solution.

The Conext Core XC-NA ES has a type 3R rated enclosure for outdoor applications and can be provided as part of a skid-mounted (ES Skid) solution.


Why choose Conext Core XC-NA ES

Designed for reliability

• Robust design through rigorous Custom Reliability Testing


• Primary reserve functions: inertia emulation, P(f) drooping, Q(V) drooping
• Secondary and tertiary reserve functions: PQ/PV dispatch mode, fast and accurate response to utility dispatch commands
• Grid support functions: (e.g. frequency regulation) renewable power smoothing, dP/dt slew rate control, energy shifting
• Active support in clearing grid fault conditions: LVRT, HVRT, FRT
• Compatible operation with most types of battery chemistries
• Flexible power to energy ratio through DC paralleling available

Easy to service

• Integrated switchgear using Masterpact NW air circuit breakers
• Full suite of alarms and troubleshooting tools allow for remote diagnostics

Easy to install

• Type 3R rated for outdoor use with skid or containerized solutions



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