Conext Core XC-NA Solar Inverter

High availability and enhanced efficiency central inverter from a provider you can trust

The Conext Core XC-NA is a central inverter designed for high efficiency and flexibility for any photovoltaic system installation. The Conext Core XC-NA series is CSA Certified to UL1741 and CSA C22.2 no.107.1 to 1000 VDC and comes with integral AC and DC switchgear which meets the requirements of NEC 690.17. In addition, the Conext Core XC-NA comes with an integrated DC combiner with a variety of fuse and monitoring options and a next generation ground fault detection system which helps reduce hazards from PV array blind spots. The Conext Core XC-NA is enclosure type 3R rated for outdoor applications and can be provided as part of a skid-mounted or PV box solution.

Introducing the Conext Core XC-NA!

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Why choose 1000V Conext Core XC-NA

Designed for reliability

• Undergone extensive safety, quality and reliability risk mitigation
• Robust design through rigorous custom reliability and environmental testing


• UL1741 listed to 1000 VDC
• Full grid management features including
– Voltage/frequency high and low ride through
– Reactive current support
– VAR control 0.8 lagging to 0.8 leading
– VARs at night
– Frequency-based active power control
• Configurable firmware to allow for easy adjustments to changing
utility requirements

Easy to service

• Integrated AC and DC switchgear using Masterpact NW (AC circuit breaker, DC switch) which meet the requirements of NEC 690.17
• Suite of alarms and troubleshooting tools allow for remote diagnostics
• Pre-connection insulation detection with GFDI helps reduce hazards from PV array blind spots

Easy to install

• Type 3R rated for outdoor use with skid or PV Box solutions available
• Integrated DC Combiner with 250 A to 400 A fuse options and optional string monitoring



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