Conext Insight 2

ConextTM Insight 2 is a platform for installers to remain connected to and manage a portfolio of customer sites. It is a simple tool for end users to track their system performance locally and remotely

The ConextTM Insight 2, a web-based application especially for installers and operators who manage multiple sites. It provides advanced remote monitoring & system control and also facilitates remote firmware upgrades.

The ConextTM Insight 2 brings solar monitoring to a whole new level:

  • System overview – The System Overview screen allows you to see active events, track power levels and see basic system information. A simple, useful snapshot of system performance.
  • Advanced battery monitoring – Monitor battery bank voltage, temperature and SOC on ConextTM  Insight 2 from anywhere in the world.
  • Detailed performance analysis – Take a closer look at how your system is performing on our advanced performance analysis pages

Launch date to be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates.


Why choose Conext Insight 2

Higher return on investment

• Maximize plant uptime by accessing energy and events log information remotely
• Minimize truck rolls through effective remote troubleshooting
• Reduce energy costs by analyzing energy use and production
• Extend equipment life by monitoring key operating parameters


• Monitor all of your Storage and PV plants’ performance regardless of location
• Various data access options to ensure all key stakeholders are kept abreast with your plant performance
• Optimum design for monitoring various applications: backup, off-grid, rural electrification

Easy to service

• Easily drill-down from a multi site overview to the detailed diagnostics of specific equipment on site
• Centralized access provides you comprehensive data to all of your key installed devices

Easy to install

• Quick configuration of ConextTM  Gateway to connect to the remote portal
• Quick portal registration with simple user management


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