Conext SmartBox Communications Device

True monitoring and diagnostics for commercial PV applications

Conext™ SmartBox is a robust outdoor rated communication device with a rich browser based user interface providing monitoring and advanced diagnostic solutions. Conext SmartBox is designed to meet the various monitoring and diagnosis needs of commercial PV applications. You can access high-resolution energy data as well as real-time event logs for quick troubleshooting. With the built-in SD card, you can store up to five years of energy data. With two RS-485 ports, you can connect up to 64 devices (inverters, meters, and sensors) to Conext SmartBox. You can also easily replace a SmartBox in the field without losing the data by simply swapping the SD card. The inbuilt intelligent device detection mechanism allows you to precisely detect a device even when the Modbus address falls outside the recommended range. For in-depth analytics and reports, connect Conext SmartBox to Schneider Electric’s Conext Insight remote monitoring portal.

Conext SmartBox shall be available in October 2016


Why choose Conext SmartBox

Higher return on investment

• Access to vital plant performance data at fingertips to proactively address issues leading to plant downtime
• High resolution data logging for quick diagnostics
• User interface is optimized for decentralized PV plants for quick troubleshooting

Designed for reliability

• IP66 rated corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure
• Robust design proven through rigorous Multiple Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST), and Temperature Humidity Bias (THB)
• Designed and qualified for applications in tropical environments through salt fog testing and the use of conformal coating


• Multiple data access options (e.g. Internet browser, e-mail alerts, FTP, CSV/JPEG/PDF download, USB export, etc.)
• Compatible with leading global brands of sensors and meters
• Connection to Conext Insight offers access to PV plant performance data, regardless of location

Easy to service

• Easily replace a SmartBox in the field without losing data by simply swapping the SD card
• Periodic FTP data export to ensure automatic remote back-up of data
• Detailed system logs to troubleshoot any device communication issues

Easy to install

• Pre-configured, ready-to-install outdoor rated cabinet
• Install wizard guides you through the key installation steps
• Intelligent device detection to precisely detect a device, even when the Modbus address falls outside the recommended range
• Easily replicate standard configurations across several SmartBox devices by importing a config file



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