Conext SW PDP Solar Power Distribution Panel

Save installation time and money with SW Power Distribution Panels

The Conext™ SW Power Distribution Panels are pre-wired out of the box and labeled to support the integration of Conext SW inverter/chargers with a Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controller, battery bank and load centers. Designed to save installers significant time, effort and costs on every installation, the Distribution Panels offer excellent value when compared to customized options.

The solution set includes a DC distribution panel complete with a pre-installed 250 A DC breaker and additional breaker slots for integrating multiple DC power sources. AC distribution panels are also available for 120/240 VAC and 230 VAC requirements, pre-installed with multiple AC breakers for integrating AC power sources and loads. Each AC panel also supports the integration of fuel-based generators providing a central load center for managing an installation’s AC power needs.


Part number

  • SW DC Breaker Panel – 865-1016
    • 250A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-250 included
    • 125A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-125
    • 100A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-100
    • 80A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-80
    • 60A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-60
  • SW AC Breaker Panel 230 V – 865-1017-61
  • SW AC Breaker Panel 120/240V – 865-1017

Note: DC breaker Master Packs 865-1065, 865-1070, 865-1075, 865-1080 have been replaced with the new part numbers above with the same breakers individually packaged.

SW DC Power Distribution Panel


Why Choose Conext SW Power Distribution Panels

Higher return on investment

  • Integrate SW inverter/chargers and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank
  • Repeatable standard installation that saves time and money


  • Additional DC and AC breaker slots available for expanded capacity
  • Key holes available on side of DC panel for integrating MPPT 60 Solar Charge Controller
  • Use AC distribution panels as optional load centers

Easy to service

  • Breaker configuration allows SW inverter/chargers to be AC bypassed for servicing
  • Removable front cover allows for visual inspection


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