Conext Viewer

The local and remote interface to the Conext SmartGenTM Power System.

ConextTM Viewer is a user-friendly application for accessing the Conext SmartGenTM Power System. It is used to monitor and configure the Conext SmartGenTM Power System, and it also provides advanced features for troubleshooting. Users logon to ConextTM Viewer using their unique credentials and access the Conext SmartGenTM Power System using either via a wired or wireless connection. Remote connection to the Conext SmartGenTM Power System is also supported by ConextTM Viewer.


New software available from October 27, 2018. Visit the “Download” section below.



Watch Conext Viewer Quickstart videos and learn how to use the application.


ConextTM Viewer Quickstart Part 1: How to obtain login credentials and activate them.

ConextTM Viewer is the local and remote Human Machine Interface for the Conext SmartGenTM PowerSystem. This video provides a step by step guide to first time users on how to obtain login credentials and how to perform “sync” before your site visit.


Conext Viewer Quickstart Part 2: How to connect ConextTM Viewer to the inverter.

Learn how to connect ConetTM Viewer to the Conext SmartGenTM inverter.


Conext Viewer Quickstart Part 3: What you can do with ConextTM Viewer.

In this video, you’ll learn how to perform your day-to-day operations using ConextTM Viewer such as monitoring power systems.




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