Conext XW 230V

Discontinued product** Conext™ XW is an adaptable pure sine wave, single-phase and three-phase inverter/charger system with global grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. Available solar charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control modules enable further adaptability. From single Conext XW unit to multiple clusters of units, up to 36 kW each, the Conext XW is a scalable system that allows for the integration of solar capacity as required. Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric Conext XW system is the one solution for global grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications. *For the latest generation of the Conext XW hybrid inverter please visit Conext Pro page.


Data Sheet
Conext XW 50 Datasheet (20141002)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_SPADownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_FREDownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_DEDownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_ITADownload 
Conext XW Global Contractual Warranty Statement (v2.1)_PORDownload 
Conext XW 4548 230Vac 50Hz Firmware Only (v1.07)Download 
Conext XW 4024 230Vac 50Hz Firmware Only (v1.07)Download 
Conext XW XP Vista Configuration Tool Driver (v1.0)Download 
Conext XW W7 Configuration Tool Driver 64 n 32 bit (v.1.0)Download 
Conext XW Configuration Tool Firmware (v3.0)Download 
Conext XW 6048 230Vac 50Hz Firmware Only (v1.07)Download 
Conext XW Configuration Tool Users Guide (Rev-F)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Software Release Notes (Rev-A)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW 6048 230 Vac Cerificate of Conformity (TUV IEC 61683)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Certificate of Compliance (CSA 2334807)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Declaration of Conformity (CE)_ENGDownload 
Conext XW SAA Australia Certificate of Approval (AS4777 AS3100)_ENGDownload 
SCH170314 Addendum 3 142671 sDownload 
User Documentation
ML201908_Conext XW Maintenance Guide (977-0017-01-01_Rev B)Download 
Case Studies
Conext XW Broome Gateway Accommodation Case Study 3_ENGDownload 
Solution for CET Telecom Towers Case Study_ENGDownload 
Solution for UN Climate Communications Centre Case Study_ENGDownload 
Commercial Power Plant Case Study Pakistan Pak Suzuki Karachi_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Case Study USA Pigeon Key_ENGDownload 
Conext XW-NA Case Study Maui Luxury Smart Home_ENGDownload 
Conext XW Case Study SolarCity_ENGDownload 
Case Study_Sunverge Virtual Power Plant SolutionDownload 
Case Study_Ecovolt_Polyvalent Hall Cluj-Napoca 20150824_WEBDownload 
Case Study_EBTKE Rural ElectrificationDownload