DC Box

This product is discontinued. For technical support, please visit here.

Protect and keep an eye on the arrays of your photovoltaic system with a PV array combiner box

The DC Box is a PV array combiner box installed next to the ConextTM Core XC central inverter, providing protection and supervision for the performance of the photovoltaic system.


Why choose 1000V DC Box

Higher return on investment

• Reduced CAPEX: Highly cost competitive offer with and without current monitoring
• Reduced OPEX: Detection of PV strings failure and aging by measuring the energy produced with a high precision


• Offer range with 6/10 inputs and a maximum output current of 1600 A STC to fit with a large number of PV plant designs
• Large range of possible fuse ratings for each DC Box model
• Available with and without monitoring of the sub-array currents to fit with every monitoring architecture approach

Easy to service

• Need for DC Box service is reported by Conext Control for the replacement of blown fuses
• Fuses are quickly mountable in fuse-holders to reduce service duration
• Enclosure with 2 narrow doors for a safer use in PV Box


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