ES Skid

Optimized large scale energy storage system to enhance power quality

The ES Skid is available in configurations ranging from 540 kW to 2.7 MW and incorporates the latest offering from Schneider Electric, the Conext™ Core XC-NA ES bi-directional inverter/charger. The ES Skid includes the battery protection cabinets, a ground fault detection system, along with a medium voltage transformer, and auxiliary switchboard for local loads, all pre-wired and factory tested on a single skid.

The integrated solution also offers optional monitoring and control using Schneider Electric’s SCADA system, Conext Control™.


Why choose ES Skid

Higher return on investment

• Factory integration reducing on-site labour
• Reduced costs of transportation, offloading and site preparation
• Reliable design reducing frequency and cost of site interventions

Easy to service

• Provision of maintenance corridor on the skid for easy access to inverters during periodic servicing
• Optional sun and rain canopy
• Optional integration of Conext Control for monitoring and control of Inverter and battery

Easy to install

• Solution delivered pre-assembled, configured and tested to reduce on-site labor and expedite project completion
• Mono-block basement design for faster installation; ability to pad or pier mount



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