PV Box ST: Solar Energy Conversion System

Containerized plug and play power conversion system adapted to customer requirements and local standards

The PV Box ST is a power conversion system. In a PV plant installation, it operates between DC field and AC MV grid connection point. The PV Box performs the DC power concentration, the DC/AC conversion and the AC voltage elevation to the grid voltage level. It ensures the protection of the maintenance people and the installation against electrical faults such as short-circuit and lightning. The optimized versions of the PV Box allow a reduction of the balance of systems cost, an increase of the reliability and an improvement of construction lead times.

The PV Box ST is a configurable solution developed to proven engineering and industrial standards. The new PV Box units are customisable to local climatic conditions and regulatory standards to help lower BOS costs, provide greater reliability, and improve construction lead times.


Why choose 1000V PV Box ST

Higher return on investment

• Compressed construction lead-times through factory integrated solution
• Reduced transportation, off-loading and on-site labor costs
• Enhanced uptime thanks to qualified and reliable designs

Designed for reliability

• Industrialized solution according to Schneider Electric proven industrial processes
• Equipment and integration made in Schneider Electric factories
• Configurable to withstand severe weather conditions: continental, tropical and desertic environments
• Undergone extensive safety, quality and reliability risk mitigation
• Proven robust design through rigorous Custom Reliability Testing
• Type-tested solution according to IEC-62271-202 including Arc Flash Testing (IAC-A)


• Vast choice of power and AC medium voltage levels
• Suitable for most environmental conditions and local standards
• Configurable to be optimized for specific project needs

Easy to service

• Fully monitored solution
• Convenient and safe enclosure design for maintenance purposes
• Local Schneider Electric service and maintenance available in 100+ countries

Easy to install

• Standard 40 feet ISO certified container for ease of shipment worldwide
• Solution delivered pre-assembled, configured and tested to reduce on-site labor and project duration



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