XW Pro 8.5 kW Hybrid Inverter/Charger 230V

Meet the new XW Pro Hybrid Inverter / Charger

The new XW Pro solar hybrid inverter/charger is a future-ready solution that is designed as the ultimate backup power and off-grid performance solution for solar & storage applications. The XW Pro is the evolution of Schneider Electric’s two decades of experience in highly reliable solar & storage off-grid and backup power systems, with the scalability and flexibility to meet your system requirements.

Together with Schneider Electric’s broad range of Conext™ solar products, the XW Pro is the ideal solution for solar and storage requirements that comply with evolving grid codes.

  • Integrates with Insight Energy Management for simplified system configuration and powerful remote monitoring & control
  • Integrates with Conext™ MPPT Charge Controllers as well as grid tied PV inverters for DC-coupled or AC-coupled systems

Part number

  • XW Pro 230V – 865-8548-55

Note: Please note that Conext Gateway is required for the commissioning of the XW Pro.

Note: XW Pro is not supported by Conext™ ComBox. For monitoring and configuration of your XW Pro, please use the Conext™ Gateway. You can also download Gateway and Combox Compatibility Matrix (PDF).


Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverter/charger provides the one solution you need for solar with storage, backup power, self-consumption, and off-grid power for homes, small businesses, and remote communities.

Designed to the highest standards of reliability and quality, the XW Pro can meet your needs for any number of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Built on the reliable XW platform, XW Pro is the evolution of a time-tested, high-quality hybrid storage inverter with a large global install base.


Why Choose XW Pro 230V

Backup power and off-grid performance

  • Reliable operation of backup power and off-grid loads with a high overload power rating (1.75x)
  • Grid and Generator input ports for complete integration of solar, storage, and generator backup systems
  • Globally proven and recognized field performance
  • Seamless transition to backup power with an integrated high-speed transfer switch


  • 230 V output, single phase and 3-phase stacking
  • Inter-operates with Conext MPPT solar charge controllers and PV inverters in AC-coupled configurations
  • Compatibility with Lithium Ion battery packs and communication with Battery Management Systems
  • Grid tied and off-grid systems

Smart Energy Management

  • Compatible with Insight Energy Management for remote monitoring & control with advanced data security
  • Self-consumption of solar energy
  • Optimize energy consumption for time of use rates or demand charges

Ease of Installation

  • Configures quickly using Insight Energy Management
  • AC Out port for backup loads
  • Full ecosystem and accessories for single unit or scalable systems


Data Sheet
XW Pro Hybrid Inverter IEC Datasheet for AustraliaDownload 
XW Pro Hybrid Inverter IEC DatasheetDownload 
Technical Publications
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User Documentation
XW Pro IEC Owner's Guide (990-41402A)Download 
XW Pro IEC Installation Guide (990-91403A)Download 
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