Reliability and standardization are topics of discussion at the Next Generation Solar PV Finance Conference

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Our very own Pierre-Em Frot, VP of Solar Business Generation, recently spoke at the Next Generation Solar PV Finance conference in New York City. The conference brought together leaders from the finance and solar industries to discuss the current state and future of financing in solar.

Solar PV TV had a chance to interview a few of the speakers (including Mr. Frot!) to discuss some of the current challenges and solutions in solar financing. Some of the speakers discussed the state of commercial projects within the structure of financing. Anthony Fotopoulos, CEO of Conergy Americas, stressed the importance of making products that are easy for financial institutions to understand and buy into. Utility scale, and smaller projects, like residential, often get a little more love than commercial projects. One potential solution is standardization and securitization. Standardization is present in utility scale, it’s growing in the residential space, but more work needs to be done for commercial projects.
Reliability is key
Schneider Electric’s Pierre-Em Frot spoke to Solar PV TV on the importance of reliability in solar (skip to 7:03). He mentioned how the return on investment for solar projects could vary depending on the reliability of the products. In order to ensure the reliability of a PV system, it is important to understand how well integrated the products are, and that each component is well tested and well defined. He also mentioned the fact that more importance is often placed on the reliability of solar modules, rather than the balance of systems. Instead, for any solar project, it is important to take into account the reliability and quality of every component.

Watch the video above to hear more from the speakers at the conference!

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