Avelar & Schneider Electric Solar Power Plant Agreement
Apr. 18, 2014

Schneider Electric – the world expert in the field of energy management – has entered into an agreement with the “Avelar” company  (part of the “Renova” Group) on the supply of inverters for the first solar power plants (SPP), planned for construction in Russia.  The inverter is one of the key high-tech components of a SPP, which converts the direct electrical current, which is generated by solar modules, into an alternating current, which is supplied into the network.

The first batch of equipment will be delivered to the 5MW Kosh-Agach solar power plant (the Altai Republic) which will already be built by August this year. In case of successful completion of the first project “Avelar” plans to purchase 25 MW inverters for SPP projects from Schneider Electric.

The Agreement also provides for the localization of inverter production on the territory of Russia. Schneider Electric will perform assembly, final connection of wiring elements and testing of the inverters. This is required by the mechanism for stimulation of renewable energy on the wholesale electricity market, adopted in 2013. Currently, the minimal localization level of solar power plants is 50 %, and in 2016 this figure should be at least 70 %. The use of inverters, assembled and tested in the Russian Federation, provides 12% localization of the generating object. The use of other components, also manufactured in the Russian Federation will allow  “Avelar” to comply with the localization goals for SPP projects.

“Avelar” plans to put 500 MW of solar generation capacity into operation until 2020. The total volume of SPP construction in Russia for this period is scheduled at the level of 1.5 GW. The total market volume of inverters for SPP’s up to the year 2020 can be assessed at 15 to 20 billion rubles. A significant portion of these funds would be represented by investments into the localization of production in Russia.


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