From utility-scale to off-grid, we have complete digital solutions for your solar projects

Schneider Electric wants to give more consistency and strength to the new innovative and digital services. For that, we propose the following bricks to ensure situational awareness at PV plant and inverter level:


Solar Control & Monitoring

Our hypervision platforms bring intelligence to day-to-day operations.

ConextTM Advisor 2, is the monitoring and control system for utility-scale PV plants.

Schneider Electric Conext Advisor 2

The solution we offer is compliant with small to large solar plants and also with third-party major equipment. Follow and optimize the performance of the complete PV Plant through the user-friendly interface from anywhere 24/7.

ConextTM Insight 2 is the monitoring and control system dedicated to the off-grid market.

Schneider Electric Conext Insight 2

This is a platform for installers to remain connected to and manage a portfolio of customer sites. It is a simple tool for end users to track their system performance locally and remotely.

PV Plant Power Management & Grid Integration compliance

Our Power Plant Controller solution will be your best companion for grid code compliance. It allows to optimize the efficiency of the PV Plant and to interact with the Grid Utility.

Fully integrated in ConextTM Advisor 2 (CA2) the Power Plant Controller (PPC) is designed, provided and implemented by Schneider Electric Solar Business. The PPC is a dynamic system that commands Conext SmartGenTM inverters and other compensation devices to fulfill the Grid Code and any Grid Utility requirements regarding active and reactive power control.


The PPC solution offers the following benefits:


It is designed to get a fast and accurate response at the Point of Connection of the PV plant, and notably for the large Utilityscale PV plants, from few MW to hundreds of MW.


The modular solution for fast and easy adaptation to grid code worldwide is compatible with advanced applications: hybrid plant (PV + Energy storage), pure energy storage plant and e

Robustness & Grid Stability

The PPC manages Fault Ride Through (LVRT / HVRT) and brings fallback solution in case of communication lost.

The PPC covers the following functions

  • Embedded reactive power operating modes
  • Embedded active power operating modes

In hybrid power networks, the PPC controls the generating resources to maximize the economical/profitable power source while ensuring load stability.


Advanced power control

Example of the Ramp Rate Control as an advanced power control
Voltage Control
Frequency Control


Advanced model and simulation

Studies are being conducted to integrate Grid worldwide and to be adapted to customer requirements. For that, user-models are simulated to be able to offer customization thanks to advanced tools commonly required.


Connected Inverters

We have a solution to keep an eye on the cloud-connected Conext SmartGenTM Power System anywhere 24/7.

ConextTM Viewer is the local and remote user interface for Conext SmartGenTM Power System. It is used to monitor and configure the inverters on site and remotely. It also provides advanced features for troubleshooting.

Users logon to ConextTM Viewer using their unique credentials and access the Conext SmartGenTM Power System using either via a wired or wireless connection. Remote connection to the Conext SmartGenTM Power System is also supported by ConextTM Viewer.




Advanced Analytics

We leverage the power of industrial IoT and Big Data to maximize reliability through the solutions and services provided.

Our experts around the globe transform data into information to improve energy and operational efficiency.

Thanks to our smart algorithms, the advantages of collecting, analyzing and structuring data are numerous.

Customizable reports with different levels of data analytics are proposed to optimize the performance of your installation.


This heatmap compares the daily maximum string current every day over the course of the month.