Protect your solar investment with Schneider Electric’s worldwide network

Leverage Schneider Electric’s worldwide network. We offer services in over 110 countries providing 6,000 Solar experts in all regions / time zones. From spare parts replacement to long-term power plant services, our experts provide continuous high-level support in order to ensure the optimum performance of your PV plants.
The Schneider Electric global footprint in all countries makes us a truly global company with local knowledge and footprint.


Schneider Electric Solar Services HubsRegional Hub Benefits

The Regional Hub is accountable for:

  • 24/7 hotline with L1 / L2 services operation specialists
  • Scheduler and dispatchers
  • Dedicated field service engineers
  • Dedicated control room
  • Single point of contact for spare parts

Why partner with Schneider Electric Solar Business?

  • Our solutions are designed for fast, easy and efficient servicing
  • We have adapted our footprint to better attend to your needs
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership with our service offers
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to reduce component failures


First time fix rate

24 hours max

After detection to fix an issue

>25% downtime reduction

Extraordinary efficiency

Services Offering Bricks

Our solutions are designed for fast, easy and efficient servicing. We have adapted our footprint to better attend to your needs.

Schneider Electric Solar Power Plant Services

Power Plant Services

Our worldwide footprint is designed to optimize the logistics flow and supply chain efficiency.

Digital Services

We bring intelligence to day-to-day operations through our monitoring platforms and our ability to optimize the performance of your Power Plant.

ConextTM Advisor 2, is the monitoring and control system for utility-scale PV plants.

ConextTM Insight 2 is the monitoring and control system dedicated to the off-grid market.

ConextTM Viewer is the local and remote user interface for Conext SmartGenTM power system. It is used to monitor and configure the inverters on site and remotely. It also provides advanced features for troubleshooting.

Optimize the efficiency of the PV Plant and interact with the Grid Utility thanks to our energy management solution.

Benefit from our advanced analytics in which data is collected, analyzed and structured. Our smart algorithms transform data into relevant information to improve energy and operational efficiency, from reducing downtime to preventing equipment failure and extending equipment lifetime.

Spare parts management

Long-term contracts to secure and sustain your assets throughout their lifecycle or on-demand to match specific needs.

Spare parts availability
Quality assurance process applied on all spare parts
Management of component obsolescence and backwards compatibility
Re-engineering of printed circuit boards and power electronics sub-assemblies
Documented spare parts and firmware evolution through service bulletins

Robust supply chain
Customer inventory management capabilities
Monitoring of supply chain performance
Country and regional spare parts logistics centers
Professional packaging
Controlled storage conditions and shelf life management

Field replacement unit (FRU) approach
We have spare part concept fully designed for services.

For each FRU these aspects are analyzed:

FRU definition
Useful life analysis
Random failure analysis
Degradation monitoring
Hardware and software requirements
Diagnostics and first-time fix
Reliability testing
Service procedure
Spare parts strategy
Service logging requirements

Schneider University

Benefit from tailor-made courses in one of our training centers.