• Become completely independent from external energy supplies
  • Avoiding spiraling diesel generation costs
  • For remote homes, save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges


For off-grid residences, the ConextTM XW+ or ConextTM SW becomes the primary power source and forms the grid, converting solar power and battery reserves to AC power for  loads. Powerful load-starting capabilities of the ConextTM XW+ and ConextTM SW, start and run typical loads, such as pumps with ease, enabling key water and sewage systems. The ConextTM XW+ or SW is also easily combined with a diesel generator to shorten generator run-time, reduce diesel fuel costs and extend autonomy of the solar installation. Using the ConextTM MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, the PV system is DC coupled to the battery bank, providing an efficient and economical method of storing PV power for use overnight. AC Coupling the PV system with the inverter charger has advantages when the solar PV array must be sited far away from the battery bank. ConextTM solutions include
  • Powerful load starting
  • GenSupport
  • Fast efficient ChargePower technology
  • CouplingPower - AC or DC couple with PV power
  • Split-phase output power from a single-phase input (ConextTM SW)

Residential Off-grid AC-coupled

Off-grid solution (DC coupled)