Maximum design flexibility and fast commissioning

  • Create flexible block sizes up to 5 MW in centralized or decentralized architecture
  • With CL125’s wireless Bluetooth connection, you can configure, monitor, and upgrade inverter firmware on the go from any smartphone or tablet, saving you time and money during commissioning
  • Global service and support network
  • Simple and adaptable service contracts from a  truly bankable partner


Centralized or decentralized string inverter solutions:

  • Conext CL series three phase string inverter
  • Integrated DC and AC disconnect
  • LV/MV transformer
  • MV switchgear
  • Solar monitoring and control system

In ground mounted solar power plants, string inverters can be centralized or decentralized with respect to the PV array. With a centralized architecture, the inverters will be mounted near the medium voltage step up transformer. With a decentralized architecture, the inverters will be distributed across the PV array. The CL125 inverter is suitable for both architectures. Along with this, Schneider Electric offers complete electrical balance of system solutions to connect your inverters to the grid.

Schneider Electric’s CL125 string inverters are designed for flexible block sizes, fast commissioning, and provide a high power conversion efficiency for maximum ROI.