The Grace family: 5kW solar PV system with remote monitoring

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Located in Uraidla, close to the Cleland Conservation Park, the Grace family home provides all the advantages of country living, while still being less than 15 minutes away from the bustling city of Adelaide. Like most Australian families, the Grace’s had seen their energy costs more than double in recent years, and with their electricity costing $3,200 a year, they realised that savings had to be made.

With five residences in the home, the family home comprises of a main building, and a recently completed dual-purpose garage and stand-alone art studio. The primary energy source is electricity, which is used to power the hot water system, cooking appliances, air conditioning, lighting, entertainment and computing equipment. The main living areas utilises an open wood fireplace for winter heating. The studio has a north-west aspect and features a combination roof design. The top part of the roof is pitched at 22 degrees, while the lower part is pitched at five degrees. This design meant that only 8 x 250W panels could fit on to the top part and 12 x 250W panels on the lower.

After discussing their energy needs with electrical contractor and solar installer, RJ Electrical, the Grace’s decided on the largest solar system that could fit on their recently built studio, to achieve maximum energy and cost savings.

The Solution: Conext RL and Conext Monitor 20

The Conext RL 5kVA grid-tie inverter proved to be the ideal inverter for this installation. The Conext RL is suitable for unbalanced arrays with a ratio of 60:40 without any loss in performance or yield. Furthermore, with an output power rating of 4.95kW, it offers usable power generated by the inverter and is one of the highest in the market. Learn more about the Conext RL here.

Conext RL

The Conext Monitor 20, a compact monitoring and control unit, was also installed to allow the Grace’s to monitor their solar system within the home and from the office. The Grace’s can monitor the real time energy production of their system, as well as access historical data and charts, all in a dashboard view on any smart device. Learn more about the Conext Monitor 20 here.

Conext Monitor 20

What did this solution achieve?

The system was installed in February of this year. During the period from February to November, the estimated savings were $1,186, or 37% of their total energy bill. Even larger savings are expected during the warmer months.

Learn more about this residential installation and the complete solution in our case study.


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