Top 5 advantages of the Conext CL-60 solar inverter

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Conext CL60 string inverter

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Schneider Electric welcomes a 60 kW solar inverter solution to the Conext™ CL line. The Conext CL-60 offers cost-effective, high-efficiency distributed power generation for commercial and utility-scale solar applications.

This new inverter has several improvements to offer:

  1. Powerful: The Conext CL-60 offers 10% more power than existing products in the Conext CL line.
  2. Smarter: The inverter has sensors mounted on each string for optional monitoring of string current.
  3. Flexible: It can be connected with up to 16 strings, with no separate wiring box required.
  4. Cost-effective: Inbuilt DC switch and inbuilt AC switch (in North American model only).
  5. Complete solution: The Conext CL-60 offers an all-in-one design, with pre-wired connectors for fast and easy installation. Fuses and mating MC4 type connectors are supplied with the unit. This solution saves you time, money and avoids any incompatibility issues.

At 60kW, the new Conext™ CL-60 String Inverter transforms a commercial rooftop or unused land into a profitable source of green, renewable energy. Durable, easy to install and service, with an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, and designed from the ground up to maximize revenue. The Conext CL-60 is the smart business choice for commercial projects or utility-scale developers seeking a solar solution that generates the maximum power, while promoting grid stability.

See the Conext CL-60 at Renewable Energy India Expo on September 7-9 at booth #3.85 Hall 3, and at Solar Power International (SPI) on September 12-15 at booth 2533.

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