Top highlights of Schneider Electric at Intersolar Europe 2016

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Blog posts, Training and Events

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation and a global leader in solar solutions and energy storage power conversion chain launched four game-changing solar solutions at Intersolar 2016.

In addition to a comprehensive lineup of solar solutions, Schneider Electric launched the Conext SmartGen™ an intelligent, cloud-connected 1500 volt utility scale power conversion system, with a suite of supporting software solutions called the Power EcoSystem™, including the cloud-based monitoring and control solution Conext™ Advisor 2. Also launched is the Conext™ CL-60, a 60 kW inverter with the highest power density for the large commercial and utility scale solar market and the PV Hybrid solution, developed in cooperation with DEIF.

Conext SmartGen™ inverter and the Power EcoSystem™: leveraging cloud connectivity and the Internet of Things to optimize utility-scale generation.

The SmartGen is the new paradigm for large-scale renewable power installations. The system provides greater efficiency in power generation with lower short-term and long-term costs, and far longer service life. The utility-scale SmartGen™ Power System records and stores its own operation and service history, has self-diagnostic capabilities and can send proactive service warnings and reports to the cloud

Conext™ Advisor 2: cloud-connected monitoring and control for renewable power plants.

The Conext™ Advisor 2 accesses solar power plant performance data, delivers detailed KPIs, provides high-level analysis, and enables faster, better-informed decision making by utilizing Schneider Electric EcoStruxure architecture, powered by Microsoft Azure using the Azure IoT Suite.

Conext™ CL-60 String Inverter: cost-effective, high-efficiency distributed power generation for commercial solar applications.

At 60kW, the new Conext™ CL-60 String Inverter is Schneider Electric’s most powerful inverter for commercial applications. The Conext™ CL-60 is durable, easy to install and service, with an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, it’s designed from the ground up to maximize revenue.

PV Hybrid solution in cooperation with DEIF: a combination of solar and diesel solution to ensure reliability to the grid while reducing overall carbon footprint.

Designed for grid-tied and off-grid power generation, the PV Hybrid solution combines efficient, reliable diesel generation with clean, low-cost solar power. This flexible solution enables operators to use energy intelligently—and it can be customized to build cost-effective hybrid power solutions that meet a range of needs.




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