Training at Solar Power International (SPI): October 20, 2014

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Are you heading to Solar Power International (SPI) in Las Vegas on October 20? We are extremely excited to meet you, and look forward to exchanging the latest and greatest ideas and knowledge from the solar industry! This year, you can expect to see the new Conext XW+ (120/240 VAC) hybrid inverter and new Conext CL three phase string inverter series, amongst other scalable products and solutions from Schneider Electric.

To give you a sneak peak on the new Conext XW+ and Conext CL, we wanted to create an extended environment for us to connect and to give you the opportunity to expand on your experience at SPI. This is the first time that we are offering an afternoon training session at SPI, and you will be the first to receive hands-on training for the new Conext XW+ and CL, which will officially be launched on October 21!

Here is a quick Q&A about the session:

“What can I expect at this training, that I won’t get anywhere else?”

In this hands-on session, you will have the opportunity to meet our technical and product experts, who will cover the intricacies of designing, installing, and commissioning advanced off-grid and grid-interactive systems. You will learn about a variety of different applications, including AC and DC coupled, large clustered systems up to 102 kW, and micro-grids.

“What will I walk away with at the end of this training session?”

At the end of this session, you will be able to:
-understand and specify complex off-grid and grid-interactive systems
-properly size strings and system components including inverters, chargers, and battery banks
-enjoy a hosted happy hour

“There are so many events taking place at SPI and in Las Vegas. How short is this training session, and is this located on the Strip?”

We hope that this hands-on training session will supplement your learning experience at SPI. We understand that there are many exciting sessions taking place, and we want to ensure that we are able to dive into technical topics as well as answer your questions. The session will run from 1pm – 4pm, and is conveniently located on the Strip, at Bally’s Hotel and Casino.

“Did you say happy hour?”

Yes, that’s right! There will be a hosted happy hour from 5pm – 6pm. Stay and connect with our experts, and meet other SPI participants! Or simply grab a bite or two before enjoying your night out in town.

We hope to see you there! Limited seats available. Click on the link below to register!

SPI Training 2014 REGISTER NOW

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