Video: Unboxing Conext Gateway

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Last year we introduced ConextTM Gateway and ConextTM Insight 2, our new monitoring solutions for the residential and commercial markets.

The ConextTM Gateway is a communication device that provides local system configuration and management as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar and battery applications. It is compatible with the ConextTM CL-60, CL36, CL-20/25E string inverters, as well as the XW Pro, XW+, and SW hybrid inverters.

Furthermore, the Gateway customers are eligible for ConextTM Insight 2, our cloud-based monitoring solution. ConextTM Insight 2 helps users track their system performance locally and remotely. If you’re managing multiple solar sites, ConextTM Insight 2 will allow you to manage a portfolio of customer sites. 

Along with the ConextTM Insight 2, ConextTM Gateway will bring system monitoring and remote management to the cloud.

Watch this unboxing video of ConextTM Gateway and learn installation tips!

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