Virtual Power Plant: Solution to Utility Concerns on Integrating Distributed Residential Solar and Storage

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Utilities globally face many of the same challenges; as societies push towards more sustainable infrastructures, a high percentage of these efforts rely on renewables for energy generation. The drivers for this trend are varied and can be societal, regulatory, security or even economic. As more renewables are added to the grid, they further stress an electrical infrastructure which in many cases is near the end of it’s design life and unintended for the realities of today’s needs for transmission and distribution resiliency and efficiency. Considering these challenges, utilities are under pressure to find cost-effective ways to mitigate the impacts of renewables and transform their business models to take advantage of distributed generation through better, faster, safer and more profitable management of the grid and its assets. To meet these challenges, progressive utilities are increasingly turning towards the concept of customer-sited integrated solar plus storage which can be aggregated and controlled by the utility.

Sunverge Energy’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution, the Solar Integration System (SIS), combines solar PV inputs, best-in-class power electronics, a field-hardened computer processor and proprietary controls integrated into a certified appliance for use as a grid asset in optimizing solar plus storage deployments. This hardware is then coupled with an unique, cloud-based SaaS analytics capability that enables individual customer-sited SIS units to be aggregated into a fleet and orchestrated, thus creating a Virtual Power Plant.

Schneider Electric is proud that our Conext XW hybrid inverter/charger and MPPT 80 600 solar charge controller were chosen for this project and proved to be the perfect choice for Sunverge’s intelligent Solar Integration System.

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